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Forest Therapy / Mindful Walking Therapy

Outdoor Therapies

Forest Therapy or Shinrin-Yoku Spending Immersive Time Under The Canopy of Trees. It’s a practice that started in Japan during the 1980’s. Scientific research has been done to measure the healing benefits derived from simply being in a Forest/Woodland setting in a mindful way. It also gives us a chance to enjoy our forests and green spaces more and encourages us to want to take more care of them.

These are some of the benefits reported after just 2 hours of Forest Therapy:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Improves and elevates mood
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system, stimulates NK cells
  • Has an anti inflammatory effect
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Stimulates creative energy
  • Helps you sleep better

“Nature teaches us simplicity and contentment, because in its presence we realise we need very little in order to be happy.” Mark Coleman

Forest Bathing Events

Saturday 7th May 10-1pm
Saturday 18th June 10-1pm
Friday 8th July (level 2) 10-1pm (meditation experience or previous forest bathing)
Saturday 9th July 10-1pm

Monthly Well-Being Walk £10
2 hour circular walk local area 5k approx
Wednesday 13th April 1.50pm - 4pm

Bespoke Mindful Walks/ Forest Therapy for friends and occasions
Please give me a call to discuss requirements.
Pre booking is essential for all classes and workshops. Health questionnaire must be completed in advance.

Guided woodland walks and Shinrin Yoku for small groups/or corporate
Time in nature is wonderful for relieving stress and re energising
mind and body. It’s easier to stay in the present moment, it helps to soothe minds and open hearts.

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