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Wellbeing Practitioner and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Wellbeing and Mindfulness Meditation Classes, Courses and Workshops

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I’m Emma, Certified Meditation Teacher with the British School of Meditation and Holistic Therapist. I have 20 years experience as an Intuitive Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner helping people to De-Stress. I enjoy helping others to boost their sense of wellbeing by learning how to take more care of their mental and emotional wellbeing through mindful meditation and self compassion practice.
I’d like to help you learn new ways to let go of emotional, mental or physical stress however challenging your circumstances maybe. If you are feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed and would like to reconnect to a sense of wellbeing through either meditation, mindful immersion in nature or with a restorative healing treatment please contact me.

Wellbeing can be enhanced by meditation which calms the body and mind and builds resilience to stress and anxiety.

New Mindfulness Walking Group Friday afternoons
Circular walks which start and end in Partridge Green
Mindfulness exercises built into the walk to boost wellbeing
Spending this quality time in nature helps relieve stress and anxiety
It’s very healing, re-energises mind and body
Lots of health benefits (see outdoor therapies page)

In person Mindfulness classes have started back on Wednesday’s 10.30-11.30 in Partridge Green
Restrictions in place due to Covid 19 and max class size is 6

Reduced Therapies service in place for existing clients and students with restrictions
contact me for up to date information


Meditation helps transform your mind into a more positive state which can influence all areas of your life and relationships. It can help support you with life changes, menopause, chronic conditions, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

See Meditation page for more information

Everyone connected to you benefits from YOUR wellbeing.

Contact me for more information on how I can help you as an individual, your school or business.
Wellbeing Coach, Schools, Colleges, Corporate - Horsham and West Sussex Area.

Wellbeing Holistic Therapies to support deep relaxation
Forest Therapy boosts wellbeing and has many health benefits
Mindful Walking Therapy is good for physical fitness and mental-emotional wellbeing

Meditation classes, Walking Therapy, Forest Therapy help connect you to like-minded others which also contributes to wellbeing.

Contact me for more information.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Classes, Courses, Workshops, Retreats.
  • Wellbeing Holistic Therapies.
  • Forest Therapy (Shinrin-Yoku)
  • Well Being Assessments/Tutorials, Schools, Colleges, Corporate Events.
  • Mindful Walking and Running Groups
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Insured for work in schools

    Meditation can be helpful for
    Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Pain Management, Chronic Conditions, Auto Immune Disorders, Weight Management.

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